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APSA citation format:

Various writers in their research papers use APSA style citations to show the contributions of other sources. The APSA style has been originated by the American Political Science Association for the publication of their work in the research paper. The style is famous and occupies the system of parenthesis, which includes in text citations and the reference list alphabetically.

The APSA bibliography is not only used by students of political science, but also the officials that submit their reports to the Government. Hence, special attention is given to the documents where APSA citation style is used. The method is mainly used because of its realistic and easy publication reference. Researchomatic facilitates the process of citing the sources with its APSA citation generator, whether it’s for the students or professionals.

In APSA bibliography, the writer needs to focus on three main factors, two of which are the author’s sir name and publication year. The third factor is not the permanent part which is the page number given of the contributed source. It is to be noted that sources are mentioned in brackets always. The author’s name should be the first element mentioned after which the later information is to be placed immediately. The link should be created between the in-text citations and the reference list to help the reader find the source immediately. With great similarities between the APSA citation format and the Harvard style, students can choose either of the two styles. The writers should be clear on which writing style they have to implement according to the nature of their academic work. Once the style is chosen, it should be clearly formatted so that there are no mistakes.

To avoid such circumstances of incorrect credentials, you can choose the Researchomatic APSA citation generator. The automated tools such as APSA citation machine can help and empower you in upgrading your research work by proper citations.

Citation in a proper way is very important because improper implementation of contributed sources can lead to plagiarism. Plagiarism is regarded as the use of various sources in the academic work without acknowledgement and is considered as a theft. This can cause cancellation of the paper or losing grades. To avoid your work being counted as plagiarized, select Researchomatic’s APSA format generator for performing the task of APSA style citation in order to get accurate results.

Besides being free, Researchomatic’s APSA citation generator is completely reliable. The APSA citation maker software extracts all the relevant sources from the internet and uses them in the correct method in minimum duration. Your focus should be on producing the original supreme quality work. Whether you are submitting a research paper or a thesis, the format should be a hundred percent correct.

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What are APSA citations?

American Political Science Association citations (also known as APSA citations or APSA references) are a type of research citation used to show where another author has contributed to a new research paper or study.

The referencing system is used across all papers submitted for publication by the American Political Science Association. The well-known political science citation style uses a parenthetical system, which means that there is a citation within the text and a full reference in an alphabetical list at the end of the paper.

This system shows the reader where other sources have contributed to the work and directs them to the full reference, which they can use to locate the original source for themselves.

How to create APSA citations

An APSA citation is made up of two or three components; it always includes the author’s name and the year of publication, and often shows the page number as well to help the reader to find the contributing information, theory or data.

The citation is always shown in brackets. However when the author’s name is already used in the sentence, only the year of publication and page numbers are shown within the brackets and should be placed directly after the author’s name. Each citation relates to a full reference, formatted to be easily found by searching for the authors name in an alphabetical list.

The full reference should be located at the end of the paper in the reference list or bibliography. The APSA bibliography format is very similar to Harvard style and begins with the author’s name followed by a full account of the information needed for the reader to find the original source.

It’s important to make sure that the referencing style you use is correct for the source type you have used. There are different formats for each type, for example when referencing a book, the format should be different to that of a website or journal article.

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APSA citation example

In-text example:

(Cottrell 2013)

Bibliography example:

Cottrell, Stella. 2013. The Study Skills Handbook. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.


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