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Bergen County Academies Prep and admissions at MEK Review is underway. If you’re thinking about your child applying to BCA, contact us today at (855) 346-1410. Enroll today in one of these two convenient days:

Fridays:  4:30-9:10pm or
Saturdays:  9:00am-1:40pm (sold out)

MEK Review is famous for BCA Prep. In 2011, 25 MEK students were accepted to BCA, meaning 40% of our students were accepted. Last year in 2012, 34 students were accepted, which was 50% of our enrolled students.

Bergen County Magnet Schools:

Bergen County offers 3 different magnet/vocational schools:

  1. Bergen County Academies – Hackensack, NJ
  2. Bergen County Technical Schools – Teterboro, NJ
  3. Academies at Englewood – Englewood, NJ

All these schools have two overall focal points:  College Prep and Career.

For most students, focusing on a career interest at age 15 will feel premature. Students change their interests many times while growing up. The good thing is that the academies have strong college prep programs. Students will experience many electives during 4 years of high school. Overall, the academies are great to plan out a student’s career path.

Recently, Newsweek recognized Bergen Academies as one of the nation’s best public high schools, scoring it 23rd out of 500 schools. Also, US News and World Report ranked it the 3rd Best High School in New Jersey and 34th nationally.

What is current BCA application process?

  • Estimated number of applicants are 3000, and 600 receive an interview invitation.
  • Final acceptances are around 270 at BCA and 170 at BT.
  • Academies at Englewood will accept 110 students every year.

What they are looking for in applicants?

  1. 7th and 8th grade Report Card
  2. NJ ASK Score – advanced proficiency in both subjects
  3. Teacher recommendations – English, Math, and Science
  4. Application Essay
  5. Admission Exam
  6. Interview and Portfolio

About the entrance exam.

Success on the entrance exam requires good thinking skills for problem solving, which is not often taught in middle school classrooms. From 2011, BCA eliminated open-ended questions on the math exam. After 2011, the exam added more word problems and challenging questions. The English portion uses heavy text from Literature and asks students to build 5-paragraph thesis statement according to prompts given.

Entrance exams don’t measure an applicant’s achievement, but rather comprehensively evaluates their reasoning skills. Similar to the SAT, a reasoning test requires interpretation of given information.

MEK Program helps three different groups.

  • First Group:  Students who get score 30 and up (out of 40) on their initial evaluation. Their acceptance chances are high and get stronger with MEK. They enjoy learning many different solving methods and reasoning ways because they are fully ready to learn higher reasoning skills. We ask these students to try an SAT evaluation in December or January (after BCA exam), and they usually score more than 600 on each subject. This is outstanding at 8th grade and a good indicator that they will eventually understand college level text.
  • Second Group:  Students who score under 20 but have decent grades. MEK’s program leads this group to the next level of academic achievement. For example, last year we selected Math clinic candidates according to their weekly exam score and weaknesses in interpretation. Out of this group, 68% got in BCA successfully.
  • Third Group:  Students with a middle range score and inconsistent grades. They are usually smart, but not diligent. Teaching them new methods and giving them more word problems and difficult questions helped tremendously. Before 2012, we never expected acceptance for students with B’s on 7th or 8th grade report cards. Last year, they got in.

MEK’s 14th annual BCA Prep started 9/6. Enroll today:

Call (855) 346-1410 today for the best in BCA Prep.

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Parents and students are often puzzled about Bergen County Academies essay grading. At MEK we use the same grading criteria used to grade the BCA test essay to ensure consistency. There are six categories included in our standard rubric. All together, they evaluate students’ understanding of the text, their ability to thoroughly answer the prompt, and their grammar/mechanics.

 So, what are the criteria?

  • Comprehension – understanding main ideas and interpreting key elements of the text.
  • Insight – identifying figurative language and making crucial inferences.
  • Organization – using articulate language and progression of ideas.
  • Analysis, development, and support – responding accurately to prompt questions, using direct quotes, and adding supporting examples.
  • Style – using authentic voice and perspective, along with sentence variety.
  • Grammar/Spelling – using appropriate mechanics and structure in the essay.

How do we help?

Starting with the first session, our teachers will guide you through the intricacies of writing this literary analysis essay to help you craft your best product every time.  So, relax and start to write!

-Michelle Sinno, Writing Lab Instructor.

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